4 Weeks 

to fix what just ain't working


Learn proven strategies to design the life you've been dreaming of!

  • Kick procrastination to the curb
  • Relieve your fears, tension or anxieties that keep creeping up
  • Learn how change doesn't have to be expensive!
  • Uncover what is truly blocking you and get unstuck!

4-Week DO-OVER Online Course

Change can be hectic, scary and even expensive...

I know I need a change but I don't know where to start.

What if I make another mistake? How can I be sure this is what I really want?

What if it's too late for me to make a change?  I'm running out of time...

In just 4 weeks, you can transform one or many areas of your life that just aren't working.

  • relieve stress
  • sooth anxieties or fears
  • address tension and stress

Together we'll identify where you need a change and how BIG of a change you really want. Once you get clear, you'll be able to

get unstuck and know exactly 


 first steps to take.

You'll become a master at using the  proven strategies that make changes with little or no expense and no extra time.

In the course

Super side-effects:


Seriously, this program was custom made for starting again - fast, effective, and affordable!

Week 1 - Define your do-over. Learn which of the 3 types best defines your situation and is the best strategy for you to take. Identify your first action steps and work out the details and kinks in your plan to keep it within your time and money budgets.

Week 2 - Gathering your do-over tools. Put together your plan together with the help of Ashe [and the private Facebook group]. Receive immediate feedback and additional suggestions for where you can simplify your strategy for lasting change.

Week 3 - Finding support. Find support not only from others but from your own life. Learn to look at where you have previously excelled at creating change and see how you can harness your experiences to be successful once again.

Week 4 - Taking action. We'll look at the right and wrong ways to take inspired action. You'll also learn how to better listen to your intuition and what your subconscious mind is directing you towards. You'll again receive feedback on your first action steps and you'll have a chance to check in with your results.

Week 5 BONUS! - After you've learned the strategies and applied them, you'll come up against resistance. This bonus week will cover how to address the resistance to change we all have. You'll learn proven strategies for moving past fear and anxieties related to change that will be invaluable for years to come!

Whatever area you want to work on is fair game. The strategies will work for you and in 4 weeks, you'll have designed a fresh start!

Imagine your possibilities!

Like everyone, I've been through many changes. I definitely haven't done them all with style, but now, thanks to the strategies outlined in the do-over course, I've really seen how change and success are directly related when you do things right.

From my 8 years experience working with people who are committed to redesigning their lives, I've identified the 3 main types of change or "do-overs".  In this 4-week online program, I'll show you how effective it is to first know the type of change you're dealing with so you can immediately take your first action steps. 

Plus! As soon as you register you'll receive a FREE copy of the ebook so you can get started right away! >>>>

On May 2nd  (and every Tuesday in May) we jump right in and look at YOU and how to get started redesigning any area of your life. 

I can't wait to work together and create great new things with you!

See you in the course,


*Standard DO-Over Coaching Price 


4-week Intensive Program Price

$445= $97 !!!

  • personalized attention as you make a real change
  • continuous guidance and support from a professional coach and a private Facebook group of your peers
  • tools you can use for making change in the future
  • tools to overcome fear and resistance to change
  • a FREE copy of the ebook "Do-Over: How to Redesign Your Life to Get What You Really Want"
  • a redesigned area of your life at the end of 4 weeks!

4-Week DO-OVER Course


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